About Us


Found in the fifteenth Chapter of Exodus, it is the Oasis in which the Israelites first found Solace having escaped the tyranny of Egypt.  It is later described in the book of Numbers as being a serene paradise with twelve wells of cool water and seventy palm trees.

(Exodus 15:27)
(Numbers 33:9)

It is our sincere hope that by working closely with your Board of Directors and the dedicated members of your community that we may help you come home to your oasis every day with

Elim Services, Inc.

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Not every employee has the Hutto last name but trust that if they have an Elim palm tree on their shirt or car they are part of our family. Families are a natural team and we work great together to accomplish one goal: handle every aspect of managing your community, while letting you be as involved or hands-off as you'd like to be.


We believe all community associations—whether it’s a 20-unit homeowners association or a 1,500-unit condominium complex—should exist to make the association a better place for owners to call home.

We understand that a home is the largest financial investment in most people’s lives, and should be a place of tranquility, peace and safety. As association managers, we believe in listening to each homeowner to fully understand their issues and to work to resolve those issues as quickly and efficiently as possible.

We appreciate that being on the Board of Directors is a volunteer position and that people who have invested their time and energy as a board member are often under-appreciated and over-worked. We believe your time is precious and should be spent on your family, your business and yourself, not consumed with association matters. We take our responsibility seriously to provide a professional team to ensure your volunteer service on the board doesn’t turn into a full-time job. We never forget that we work for you for the betterment of the Board as well as the individual owners of the association.