Maintenance Request – Drainage Block

The association is not responsible for all repairs within your unit. A member of our team will review your request to determine whether or not it is association responsibility.


What issues does the association cover?

Generally speaking, the association will only cover repairs related to or damages caused by shared common elements (i.e. water intrusion from the roof) Damages caused by owner/tenant neglect or misuse will be owner responsibility (i.e. stoppages in the sinkfrom the disposal of grease).

How do I know if my issue is covered?

If a member of our team isn’t able to determine the responsible party based of your written request we are happy to assist inscheduling one of our trusted vendors. The vendor will be able to tell you if your issue is covered before any billable work is done.

Can I use my own repairman?

If the issue is covered by the association the repairs will need to be done by one of our vendors. If the issue is the owner’s responsibility we are happy to assist in scheduling one of our preferred vendor, but you are free to use any repair man you’d like.

What is covered by my AssociationAssessments?

Your assessments are used for the maintenance of common areas and to fund the condominium or homeowners association reserve accounts. If you would like a copy of your approved annual budget, it is available under the “My Community“ tab.

Maintenance Request – Drainage Block